Free Slots to Play for Fun

Due to the incredible growth in popularity of the Slot Machine, the number of players who are interested in this type of entertainment is increasing every year. Despite this, many users still prefer to choose fun slots in demo mode in online casinos. The fact that some people prefer the demo mode of virtual gambling is not surprising. After all, the demo mode is nothing more than a free version of ordinary slot machines that need no download.

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Today, very often, you can hear the opinion that online casinos offer to play exclusively for money. Despite that, this is far from the case, and it was for this purpose that the demo mode of playing on slot machines was invented. Nonetheless, the difference between the demo version of the game and the traditional online slot machines is that there is no need to put real money in the demo.

In the demo game, the player also has the opportunity to set the size of the bet, the number of active lines and also customize other user parameters. The user will also be available to witness bonus rounds and a full range of functionalities that are inherent in play casino slots for fun. In fact, the user gets all the same sensations as from a real slot machine, except that one doesn’t have to put real money on the game and risk. Nevertheless, a player can also witness even a jackpot, though it can’t be withdrawn.

It is also worth noting that all the mechanics of the gameplay in the demo versions of slot machines fully correspond to the real game in the casino online. The user can also win or lose, and therefore, all the sensations of adrenaline, excitement, and pleasure from the game are fully preserved. For this reason, quite a lot of users like to try their hand at the demo of the popular slot machine in order to enjoy the plot of the game and the detailing of the graphics without spending a penny.

How to play new slots for fun

In order for the user to have the opportunity to start playing the demo of the slot machine, all he has to do is go to the site of one or another online casino and specify the demo when choosing a game. Moreover, there is no need to pre-register and fill in any personal data. This step is very convenient and rational since the user is at the stage of familiarization with the casino itself from the range of games it offers.

Advantages of playing slots for fun in demo mode

Besides the fact that the user is not obliged to bet real money on the game, there is also another great advantage of the game. In essence, what we are talking about is that the user has a unique opportunity to test the most popular types of games before depositing real money. To date, no traditional casino offers such an option to its customers. In fact, the user does not have the opportunity to study the rules thoroughly and check whether this game is suitable for him. It goes without saying that traditional casinos have reasons for this. At the same time, the opportunities that online casinos provide, namely, to play for free and there is a huge advantage for online players without prior registration.

Benefits of slot machines for fun for online casinos

Do not think that providing an opportunity for a player to try their hand online in a particular game is not a practical step for an online casino. The fact is that in this way the casino introduces the player in advance with the possibilities of the game and the peculiarities of the gameplay and consequently advertise this or that slot machine. If the game really pleases the user and the game plot will entice him, as well as the features of the game, this will be the best tool for the player to want to leave real money in the future to try his hand at the paid version.

Imagine the situation when a player was interested in a new device that was previously unfamiliar to the slot that the user had not yet encountered. On the other hand, due to the big name of the manufacturer as well as good reviews about the game, I decided to try and put real money right away. The cost of such an error can be completely lost the entire amount in one moment.

Nevertheless, the demo version of the game completely excludes the occurrence of such a situation and also gives the user the opportunity to become familiar with all the technical and other features of the device and make an informed decision in the future. The provided virtual money that the user can spend within the demo mode will last for one hour of the game and, accordingly, the user will have time to get a complete picture of particular free slots to play for fun with bonus.

Even experienced players who have learned to make money on real slot machines very often use new slot games for fun free to play in order to understand their mechanics better and subsequently have the opportunity to put real money. Experienced players are significant to initially understand what percentage of the payments characterized by a particular device as well as its features work in different bonus modes. Based on the received impressions and knowledge of the online player can build their own game strategy in which later can bring him significant amounts of winnings.

What types of online slots for fun can you play?

Almost every online casino offers a vast number of varieties of slot machines. While the principle of the game remains similar, nevertheless, the characteristics of each game as well as its storyline are entirely different. The main feature is that all slot machines were created on the principle of one-armed bandits. Anyway, with the development of technologies and innovations from game providers, each game began to have its own shape and set of unique features.

Variations of slot machines

In fact, all slot machines can be divided into two main groups, namely:

Classic slot machine. In this case, the device has only 3 drums, which most often represent fruits, sevens, or the BAR icon. In this case, we are talking only about one active line in the case of old versions and even the possibility of expanding up to 5 gaming lines already in more modern devices.

Video slot machine. This category is considered more modern as it has more advanced functionality. Each manufacturer of the game for video slots offers its own unique game plot, video graphics, a unique bonus system, as well as a soundtrack of the game. This type of slots is sharpened to provide the player with maximum pleasure from the game and leave the most vivid impressions.

Nevertheless, the main difference between these two categories is directly in the number of drums that are used during the game.

Slot Bonus Features

In the modern world, there is an incredibly large number of different slot machines. Albeit visually the difference is noticeable, nevertheless, the system of bonuses offered by game manufacturers is substantially similar. Still, it is absolutely all slot machines offer additional bonus rounds in the event of certain combinations falling out. Often the meaning of bonus rounds on slot machines was designed to encourage players for a successful game further and also to cause the maximum feeling of the excitement.

Today, there are the following types of bonus systems for slot machines, namely:

  • Cashable Bonuses. This type of bonus is one of the most common in online casinos. In order to receive this type of bonus, the player must fulfill a number of conditions that are created by casino provider for a particular slot game. Wherefore it is essential to get acquainted initially with all the requirements for receiving bonuses in slot games and only then proceed to the game. Also, pay attention to the conditions of withdrawal of funds upon receipt of such rewards.
  • Sticky bonuses. This type of bonuses is often used in online casinos and offers players to use additional features within the game itself. The fact is that this bonus does not provide for the possibility of withdrawal to the account and is applied directly to continue the game process and increase the current rates.
  • “Phantom” Sticky Bonuses. This type of bonus is often used in games that are developed by top manufacturers of online casino games. This type of bonus is automatically added to the deposit made by the player and can be used actively in the framework of the bets on the game. Although, this type of bonus cannot be withdrawn to the account.
  • Clear play Bonuses and Free Play Bonuses. It is believed that this type of bonus was initially invented and introduced into the slot machines by the company manufacturer Microgaming. This type of bonus allows players to withdraw money to the account at a convenient time for them, but for this to be certain conditions of the game. After the conditions are met, the bonus is converted into money. Today, many casinos also use in some way a modified version of this bonus, which is charged from players for registration.
  • Cashback Bonuses. This type of bonus is characterized as a reimbursement of a certain amount of the net losses of a player that was made over a certain period of time. In other words, the player receives bonus payments in case if a loss was recorded within a certain period of time during his game process.

Every casino has the opportunity to use its bonus system depending on the manufacturer that supplies it with online games. Quite often the casino modifies one or another bonus system to suit its needs.

Most popular Slots Themes

Today, there are dozens of developers of online casino games, and their number continues to grow annually. Though the developers of online games each year try to bring something new to this or that game, in fact, the themes of the games remain similar. Often, innovations relate directly to the plot of the game and various graphic elements. Nevertheless, manufacturers are trying to use already favourite games and modify their functionality and plot.

Among the most popular themes of online slots today are the following:

  • A wild west themed.
  • Water-themed.
  • African themed.
  • Jewels and gems themed.
  • Aliens and space-themed.
  • Oriental themed.
  • Magic themed.
  • Money and wealth themed.
  • Ancient Rome themed.
  • Fruit machines for fun.
  • Animal themed.
  • Marvel themed.
  • Romance and love themed.
  • Ancient Egypt themed.
  • Comic hero themed.
  • Movie themed.
  • Sport themed.
  • Retro themed.
  • Pirate themed.
  • Fairy tale themed.
  • Horror-themed.

Mobile slots games for fun from the best software providers

An online slot machine is incredibly simple. Whilst the mechanics of most of the gaming machines practically did not change, the first changes in the visual image and sound elements of the game affected the most considerable changes. Today, most companies that develop online casino software for mobile phone and tablet try to create new bonus systems in new products and also improve graphic elements.

Top slot software developers for online casino slots for fun

Of course, today, you can find a large number of different companies that are developing software for online casinos. However, among them, there are top companies whose products have become incredibly popular around the world. These companies are often characterized by the most advanced technological developments as well as innovations made to the mechanics of the game. The most popular and technologically advanced companies include the following:

  • NetEnt. This company has been operating on the market for over 15 years and has a distinctive feature in terms of innovative approaches to game development.
  • Endorphina. This Czech manufacturer includes the number of top slot machine companies with the most innovative features.
  • Betsoft Gaming. This company is a manufacturer of online games stands out from the leading group of top manufacturers due to the fact that the company’s activities are concentrated in the development of 3D graphics for online games. The products of this company have repeatedly become one of the best online casinos on the market, and the company itself has won the prize for the best software in the framework of G2E Asia.
  • Red Tiger Gaming. This developer is located in Sweden and is developing a slot game in the subject of Japanese and Chinese culture. The choice of games in the Asian direction was dictated by a very active Asian market where the demand for online games is very high.
  • Microgaming. This is probably one of the most prominent companies in the online casino software development market. What to say, after all, the company has a product portfolio that has long exceeded 500 games. Also, a distinctive feature of this company is that the products created have an incredibly great combination of graphics and music content, which in turn allows the user to immerse themselves in the game and get a lot of fun.

Most Popular Free Slots For Fun Only

Even though slot machine games are an incredibly exciting process, sometimes a player wants to have a little rest from colourful graphic elements, incredibly exciting soundtracks and relax after playing more relaxed versions of slot machines. Among the best options for games that will allow you to enjoy the gameplay and yet not to overload yourself, are the following:

  • Sparks Slot.
  • Sunset Delight Slot.
  • Space Lights Slot.
  • Lucky Blue Slot.
  • Magic Forest Slot.
  • Lights Slot.
  • Beach Slot.
  • Secrets of Atlantis Slot.


It is evident that today online demo games on slot machines are top-rated both among beginners and already experienced players. This type of progressive entertainment also has a lot of advantages, among which players can become better acquainted with the game and with the game plot and also develop specific strategies of games for betting on the money. Similar games in no way inferior slot machines that offer players to bet on real money. Even the bonus system in the demo versions of the game is absolutely identical.

That is why if you want to have a good time and get some pleasure, try the demo versions of favourite games that will help you to accurately study the rules and get acquainted with the plot of the game so that you can decide which game you want to bet on some real money.