Real Money Online Casinos

Once you’ve mastered the art of playing your favorite casino games and can hold your own against other players, then it’s time to kick it to the next level. It’s time to take your highly honed skills and have some fun as you make some money. Now you’re ready to raise the ante and play games for real money.

A real money online casino lets you stake money on your favorite games and go to town with your winnings. However, before you can stake any cash in any casino game, you need to register with them. Luckily, the registration process is a pretty straightforward process that doesn’t cost you a cent.

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Rank Casino Review Bonus Play
1 Casumo Casino review Casumo Casino
Up to
+ 30 No Deposit Wager-Free Spins
2 Cruise Casino review Cruise Casino
Up to
+ 200 Extra Spins
3 Genesis Casino review Genesis Casino
Up to
+ 300 Free Spins
4 Hyper Casino review Hyper Casino
Up to
5 Get Lucky Casino review Get Lucky Casino
Up to
6 Karamba Casino review Karamba Casino
Up to
+ 100 Spins
7 Omnia Casino review Omnia Casino
Up to
Weekly Cashback + 100 Bonus Spins
8 Videoslots Casino review Videoslots Casino
Up to
+ 11 Wager-Free Spins
9 Winning Room Casino review Winning Room Casino
Up to
10 Yako Casino review Yako Casino
Up to
+ 99 Free Spins

Online Casino Registration – Start Playing for Money

Given that antes are high, you need to tread carefully when registering to play casino games online for real money. You should join a reputable casino as that’s crucial to having a good time. With some many casinos available you can customize the kind of gaming experience you’d wish to have. To do so, you’d need to do a little introspection.  Are you a master of the blackjack table or the king of the slot machine?

What kind of bonuses interest you? What payment methods are open to you? How soon would you like to withdraw your winnings and make your deposits? Answering these questions helps you zero in on the casinos that suits your needs and preferences. As a rule of thumb, you should only register with join registered and licensed casinos. Luckily, there are plenty of casino reviews on the internet to help you pick the best online gambling websites for real money.

Once you’ve identified top online casinos for real money, just fire up your browser and open their web platform. Most signup process entails clicking a button and filling in your details. The registration process varies between casinos, but all normal require basic personal information as well as gaming account details. Personal information includes your name, residential address, state, phone number, and email address. Game account information, on the other hand, consists of a username, password, and a security question.

Once, you’ve created an account with any online casinos that pay real money, you will be asked to verify your identity and address by providing some form of proof. That is the law, and you need to comply. Bank statements, debit/credit card, utility bills, driver’s license, ID, or passport are some of the credentials you can use to verify your identity. Now you’re ready to proceed to the next step which entails choosing a payment method, and you’ll be ready to play casino games that payout real cash. Luckily, you’re spoilt for choice as far as payment options go.

Secure Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Your choice of payment method can make or break your experience when playing gambling games for real money. Therefore, you want to choose a method that allows you to deposit money into your casino account quickly. You also want one that let you withdraw your winnings quickly. Above all, you want a payment option that doesn’t expose you to any risk whatsoever when joining an online casino for real money.

Reputable online payment service providers go to great lengths to provide you with secure and reliable payment methods. Credit/Debit cards are among the most secure and popular payment methods when looking to join an online casino. E-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal also make an excellent option. If you prefer online banking, Trustly, Citadel, Giropay, and Nordea enable you to make instant secure deposits. Once you’ve chosen your preferred payment option, it’s time to stake a game and win real money at online casino.

What Games Can I Play?

Casino games come in all shapes and sizes to suit just about any preference you might have. You can have your pick from the traditional table games or the more contemporary games that revolve around modern-day comics and action figures. Here are some of the online games that pay real money you’re likely to encounter in a real money casino:

  •       Keno – this a lottery-like game that’s found in the modern casino and entails waging on a series of numbers between 1 and 80. Twenty numbers are drawn at random using ‘bingo’ machines and winners get paid by how many numbers match the randomly selected 20 numbers.
  •       Scratch Cards – as the name suggests, the game entails scratching a card with an obscured number to reveal the hidden contents. To win, you must have three similar symbols on the card.
  •       Craps – it’s one of the most popular casino games that payout real cash. Players wager on the outcome after rolling a pair of dice. Correct predictions win the game.
  •       Baccarat – this is a card game where players wager on the player’s hand or dealer’s hand winning or the game ending in a tie. You’ve probably seen James Bond play this game in one of his movies and win big.
  •       Video Poker- this is a simple game where a player is issued with a set of five cards. You need to keep changing the cards until you get a playing hand, which is a predetermined combination of cards. A playing hand wins the round. There are hundreds of variations of this game that you can play in a real cash online casino.
  •       Roulette – a key feature of theses online casino games for real money is that they take place on a roulette table. Players bet on any of the 37 numbers on the spinning wheel while a ball spins in the opposite direction. The number on the slot where the ball falls after the wheel stops spinning wins the round.
  •       Slots – it’s a game of chance where players match a row of identical symbols that spin and rotate through simulated reels on the screen. Symbols are brightly colored and easy to recognize and could be fruits, numbers, letters, pictures, or even cartoon characters. Players win by matching the symbols as dictated by the game.
  •       Blackjack – it’s a card comparing game with one or more players and dealer, but players compete against the dealer instead of each other. It uses one or more decks of 52 cards. Players win by beating the dealer with a blackjack, having a higher final score than the dealer without exceeding 21, or causing the dealer to go bust.
  •       Live Table Games – it’s basically a webcast of a croupier dealing card or spinning the roulette for the online crowd. The dealer is at a casino, but the players can be anywhere as long as they have access to the internet. The webcast is interactive to let the dealer respond to the player’s choices.

Real Money Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos are simply online casinos that have been specially adapted to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. They often fall into two categories to accommodate the most popular operating systems available – android and iOS. You need to download these mobile applications to your device to play the casino games. These mobile gambling real money casinos offer a range of games from the classic to the more contemporary games.  

Live Dealer Casinos

Live dealer casinos are simply online casinos that broadcast games to let online players watch live dealers deal cards or spin the roulette wheels. The primary reason is to afford the online players a chance to experience the same thrill they would if they were to walk into a casino. Real money casino games are interactive to let the dealers and the players communicate and interact. Online players place bets by pressing a button on their screen. The biggest difference between online casinos and live casinos is that a real person deals the cards or spins the roulette as opposed to a Random Number Generator.

Real Money Casino Bonuses

Most win real money casinos offer a host of bonuses to entice more people to sign up and stake games on their sites. Here are some of the rewards you should be on the lookout for when joining a casino:

  1.   Welcome bonus
  2.   High roller bonus
  3.   Percentage bonus
  4.   Reload bonus
  5.   No deposit bonus
  6.   Preferred deposit bonus
  7.   Loyalty bonus
  8.   Referral bonus
  9.   Multiple deposits bonus
  10.   Tournament bonus

How Legal Are Online Casinos?

Almost all countries in the world have some element of gambling built into their society as a form of entertainment. It could be cards, dice, horse-racing, or other games. However, the legality of gambling remains a grey area in many countries. As a result, these laws differ from one country to the next, each with a different take on both online and land-based gambling. Only a few countries, such as the UK have well defined and unoppressive gambling laws complete with government oversight.

Player Safety

Just how safe are you when playing cash casino games? There’s a horde of shadowy figures waiting to take advantage of you as you play your favorite casino games. They include hackers, review sites, rogue casinos, and more. Unfortunately, many people fall prey to these criminal elements and lose their hard-earned money. Does that mean that online gambling is unsafe?

By all means, no, online casinos are perfectly safe. Swindling and hacking are the exception instead of the norm and is the work of a few misguided elements. Most credible online casinos go to great lengths to create a safe and secure gambling environment for their clients. They will employ the latest internet security and encryption to safeguard their customer and their data.

  •       Licensing

Gambling is a multi-billion-dollar industry in most countries where it’s legalized such as the UK, Isle of Man, Antigua, and Malta. In such states, the governments appoint regulatory bodies to oversee the gambling sector. These government bodies ensure compliance with the set rules and regulations. Oversight bodies issue licenses to the compliant casinos as well as a seal of approval. They regulate casino operations to ensure they are above board and crackdown on the errant ones to protect the customers.

  •       Third-Party Testing

Even though they operate through the internet, online casinos provide a real service to real clients. As a result, their products are subjected to rigorous testing before they are released to the public. All online casino games are subjected to thorough tests to ensure that they are fun, reliable, and fair. Game developers hire third party companies to test the games and the software that runs them before they ever hit the market. Once the games and the systems have been passed by these companies, they are given a seal of approval. These service providers routinely audit the online gambling systems to ensure that casino operations are above board and unbiased.

  •       Online Casino Fairness

Various watchdogs and testing laboratories operate behind the scenes to ensure that online casino provides players with an honest and fair gameplay. These watchdogs help to streamline the gambling sector making it more appealing to players, which in turn makes it quite lucrative.

Some of the notable watch dogs include eCOGRA, international Gambling Council (IGC), Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and iTechlabs. Collectively, these bodies prevent underage gambling as well as gambler exploitation as well as ensuring that the players’ information and data is well secured. They also ensure a prompt and accurate payout of player winnings.

  •       Security

Despite rendering their services over the internet, online casinos provide players with a safe and secure gaming environment. In most cases, these platforms and their mobile applications are heavily encrypted to ward off any would-be wrongdoers. Credible real money casinos use the latest in online such as 128-bit SSL Data Encryption to keep sensitive information and data safe from prying eyes. Heightened security on these sites ensures that players don’t fall victim to identity theft, hacking, or have their casino and bank account cleaned out by shadowy figures.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Online Casino

Online casinos number in the thousands, giving players a vast selection to choose from when they need to play a hand. However, such a huge selection makes it a tad difficult when trying to pick the best casino for you. Most casinos engage in intensive marketing strategies to win over new players. Instead of getting away by their marketing gimmick, take a moment to ascertain their credibility before signing up.

  •       Consider the Reputation

Some unscrupulous casinos are not above faking their credentials to boost their popularity and attract more players. You need to see through their charade as failing to do so can lead you to incur substantial losses. A quick search on the internet unearths a ton of helpful information, including customer feedback and reviews. Naturally, you want to avoid sites with a lot of negative feedback as they are hardly credible.

  •       Is The Casino Licensed?

You must dig into a casino’s legal information as it unearths crucial details. For instance, it informs you if the casino has a valid license, where it’s licensed, as well as the licensing bodies. Most create specialized organizations and task them with ensuring that casinos operate legally and fairly. Watchdogs have the authority to crackdown on sites that practice risky business sometimes to the extent of forcing them to shut down their operations. Doing your due diligence keeps you and your money from getting caught up in the resultant melee.

  •       Payment Options

The last thing you want is signup with a casino with unreliable, inconvenient, or expensive payment methods. That can ruin the entire gambling experience and cost you a lot of money. Some casinos take up to several weeks to payout winnings while others dish out the money almost immediately. Checking such details saves you lots of pain and disappointment down the line.

  •       Custom service

For the most part, online casinos go out of their way to ensure players enjoy their gambling experience. However, when something goes wrong during a game, it might call for human intervention. You want a casino that provides you with reliable customer support if and when you need it. You want a service that keeps you abreast of any changes in terms and conditions and is quick to respond to inquiries.

Best Real Money Online Casinos 2020

  1.   Casimba casino
  2.   Mansion casino
  3.   Play Ojo Casino
  4.   Betway Casino
  5.   Grosvenor Casino
  6.   BGO Casino
  7.   BetVictor Casino
  8.   Fun casino
  9.   NetBet


How do I know if a casino is safe?

Reputable online casinos display their license at the bottom of their homepages. That indicates that the casino is vetted and has been found to conform with the standard operating produce. One of these requirements is publishing their payout percentage on the website. One more indicator is the site’s security credentials. Reputable casinos use 128-encryption to protect player’s data and information.

What are playthrough requirements?

Also known as wagering requirement, these are the conditions you need to meet before you can claim your bonuses and are usually set by the casino. Typically, these requirements spell out the amount of money you need to spend or how many times you need to stake before you can withdraw the bonus reward.

Which devices offer the best gaming experience?

Generally, tabs and iPads make the best choices of mobile casino devices. That has more to do with the screen size than the specs on the devices. Since tablets have bigger screens, they offer you a better gaming experience. You get to see all the action while making use of all the touchscreen features to raise and call.


You need to signup with a real money casino if you’re to stake any money when playing online casino games. The registration process is smooth and seamless as it only calls for you to enter your information and choosing your preferred payment option. However, you need to be sure that your signing up with a reputable casino to avoid running into problems down the line.

You have several ways to ascertain the credibility of a casino and safeguard your private information as well as your money. Doing your due diligence is crucial to ensuring a pleasant gambling experience. It lets you avoid unscrupulous sites that are out to scam you out of your hard-earned money. Online reviews and customer feedback also help you weed out suspicious sites and narrow down on the ones that afford you fair gameplay.  

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