Transformers Battle For Cybertron Slot Machine

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Feauture Bonus Rounds
Free Spins
Wild Symbol
Type Video Slots
Software IGT
Themes Magic
Reels 5
Paylines 40
Min. bet 60
Min. bet 60
Rtp 94.55%

The Transformers Battle for Cybertron mobile slot game combines those Robots in Disguise with big reel action. This game gives you multiple chances to win in the base-game coupled with a number of mystery features and a range of free spin rounds. All of this wrapped up in a package that can transform the average bankroll into a huge pile of winnings. Get ready for a real blast.

How does the Reel Mechanism work on this game?

The Transformers: Battle for Cybertron base-game uses a forty pay-line system, which is activated with a fixed 60 coin bet. This covers both the monetary wager and the game’s mystery features. However this also game also features a special cascading reel mechanism. This works in accordance with a set sequence:

– Spin the Reels – hit the spin button and the normal symbols will drop into place. If you hit any winning combinations these will pay out a prize as normal in accordance with the game’s pay-table.

– Combinations Disappear – after you receive your prizes the winning combinations disappear from the grid, leaving spaces into which the symbols above can drop.

– New Combinations – form as new symbols drop into the grid, giving you multiple chances to win many times from a single spin, as any new winning combinations you hit will trigger this mechanism again and again.

What are the Mystery Features on this slot?

The mystery features on Transformers: Battle for Cybertron can trigger at any time, adding to the amount of wilds and action on the reels. There are five different features – these are as follows:

– Optimus Prime – When this giant Autobot appears on the reels, he’ll take aim and destroy all the Decepticon symbols on the grid. Giving you a chance to hit some huge winning combinations with the Autobot symbols.

– Megatron – This large gun-toting Decepticon has destruction in mind as when he appears he blows away all the Autobot symbols on the grid, leaving you with lots of potential for making those dastardly Decepticon combinations.

– Grimlock – This prehistoric robot turns up to breath a wave of fire over the reels, burning symbols at random, leaving gaps into which the symbols above can drop.

– Shockwave – Appears on the reels and uses a sonic blast to blow up a random pattern of symbols, leaving spaces on the grid into which new symbols fall, making new combinations.

– Ratchet – Can appear when there are two bonus symbols on the reels. He has the power to make a third scatter appear, triggering the free spin feature.

How does the Free Spin Round work?

Transformers: Battle for Cybertron uses a three scatters in view system to launch the bonus round. This gives you a choice of four different free spin mechanisms, with varying numbers of spins and multipliers. These include:

– Megatron Bonus – This gives you five spins with the largest multiplier of 8x-10x available.

– Optimus Prime Bonus – Here you are given eight free spins with a 4x- 10x multiplier.

– Shockwave Bonus – This gives you twelve spins with a 3x-5x multiplier.

– Bumblebee – Here you receive the maximum number of free spins – fifteen – with the smallest multiplier 2x-4x.

As you can see there is a payoff between multiplier and free spins. The more spins you take, the lower the multiplier and vice versa. At the start of every spin the multiplier that will be applied to any winnings is decided.

Why should you play this Slot?

Whilst many of the mechanisms on Transformers: Battle for Cybertron can be found in games like Pixies of the Forest, Gonzo’s Quest and Da Vinci Diamonds, this slot actually gives you a little bit more fun in terms of the free spin bonus round. You can select a high volatility mode with the Megatron spins and if you get lucky you’re guaranteed a big winner, or if you want a steady stream of cash go for the Bumblebee mode. The mystery features never fail to provide an exciting turn in the base-game, making this one slot that has the power to surprise and delight.

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